Prices vary based on location, number of sessions, individual needs and budget and will be discussed during your initial consultation.

                             Some of our package options are:

  • One on one personal training sessions (30, 45 and 60 minute sessions)
  • Semi Personal/Small Group Training
  • Skype Training (for budget conscious and non-local individuals)

 ---- One-on-One Personal Training - 1 hour sessions ----

    * 6 sessions
    * 12 sessions 
    * 24 Sessions 

    Partner Training (2+ person personal training sessions)
    Add $30/session/per person to any of the one-on-one packages

     ----Personal Training Quickies - 30 Minute Sessions ----

     * 6 sessions 
     * 12 or more sessions 
        Add $10 per additional person per workout

Boot Camp/Circuit Style Training for groups of 3 or more-this is the best way to workout with friends and family and save money!

     * $20 per person per session

     * For best results we recommend you workout 3 sessions per week:        
           M/W/F or T/TH/SAT
  All session fees are paid in advance unless otherwise agreed upon by management.

Skype Training

We decided to add this option in because we have had to turn away clients due to location restrictions.

Skype Training allows for the same personal touch using an internet connection as opposed to being in person.

Contact us for additional details about the Skype training.


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